Tuesday, November 24, 2009

She Reigns....QUEEN B!

Brandy singing Change Gone Come by: Thee Sam Cooke (gotta LOVE him)!!!

So, I am one of thee biggest Brandy appreciators, but i will admit she was doing a tad too much, NEVERTHELESS....she was still Bomb!!!


Anonymous said...

She definitely went in on this song...I just love it.

Ms_Cr0ss said...

Ok so I may have to challenge you on that "thee" biggest fan thing lol...cus my two favorite vocalist are Brandy and India Arie!! They are so great..but uh, I do have to agree that she did a bit too much riffing and running through the song lol...but it sounds good so I'll let her slide. haha..


Shandra E...*the misses said...

lol..Chymere, if she didn't go in on this song...I DID!! lol

And Ms. Cross: *sigh....I WIN! lol..no but really, she was doing a lot of runs huh?!...but that's only because I LOVE Sam Cooke's version sooo much so when people (*sigh...yes, even B) detour too much from what he did, i get a little rattled!! Still, She blew the thang up so as you said, we could Only let her slide!!! And yes, India is amazing as well!! :)

Ms_Cr0ss said...

Yeah messing up or completely changing a classic is never a good idea...but uh thanks for the comment, and compliment ;-) One of my nails (ring finger) is teal, and the others are black and my thumbs have teal dots on them..Lol..borebom makes you do some crazy things! Anytime our family gets together Taboo is a MUST! lol...me and my cousin are the best and our family always tells us that we can't be on the same team, but we always are and we always win! lol...I've tried playing with friends but I have to play with people with thick skin cus I heckle and get real into it when I play lol...Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


it'sok2bu*nique* said...