Monday, December 14, 2009


I'm told this song is played in Victoria's Secret ALL THE TIME (my sis works there) & I'm convinced it's Really good! The artist is lead singer of the group "LITTLE DRAGON" reminiscent of Early Erykah Badu! I Love it and the video may confuse some, but I sense a very Political undertone going on here that I ADORE! LISTEN, WATCH, ENJOY :)

After the rain we forget
We make sure we gain then we leave it
‘Cause we're a nation of forgetters
Oh after the rain we pretend
It’s easier to begin without looking back

SHE'S BOMB....look up more of her stuff! (She's very conceptual!) Try "Constant Surprises" & "No Love" Especially!! (reminds me of tweet & a little of Lauryn Hill too) ...i give 'em both a nod ;)

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Anonymous said...

you introduced me to yet another great I'm in love with this Little Dragon...on a search for moreee!!!