Friday, December 25, 2009

"So...How about those Lakers"??? lol....

It's CHRISTmas!!!!! =D (it's also 6months ago today that MJ passed, but WOOSAH...we'll stay positive && besides, It's not his Day!) So, How About those Lakers??? As of Tomorrow...I WILL BE IN SACRAMENTO answering that question from the stands!!! So a few months ago, I made a TO-DO & TO-DON'T List (older blog post) & I'm happy to say that so far i've been checking things off!!!

Let's Re-cap (& lift my words verbatim from the earlier blog):
-Take a trip to Catalina Island!!!
"I've been "planning" this trip since January...of Last year =/ so I have to go before another January rolls around!! If not Catalina, i just have to get away..."
Tomorrow is the Kick off of my 1st "road trip" (made it just in time!)& Besides the Laker game in Sac (uber excited!!!), we'll hit Oakland, San Fran & possibly Oregon (just because?! lol) I CAN'T WAIT =D

--CONTINUE to Save Up for My Own Apartment!!!:
Well...about that...I GOT A NEW CAR!!??!! lol...but really, It's A recession & My "Black.Man.Workin" decided to stop workin' I had to switch some things around for an impulsive car buy! It's a cute little 2009 Nissan Sentra!! (we've been together for 2months now) && I was sure to get leather seats....My "Black.Man" would have it no other way!! *shrugs....I"LL JUST START SAVING ALL OVER AGAIN!


"TheNatKINGofJazzCole , Smokey Rob, (i like giving my favs nick names! lol), Dear Sam (Cooke) & Frankie Lymon will all be spinning along with MJ. and Prince"!! Gotta have Frankie (sinatra) too!!!

*if it counts, MJ wrote the title track ;)

Well, I'm Half-way there...My little sis gave me the best gift ever: NAT KING COLE'S original vinyl Record!!! and Rebbie Jackson (it was the closest she could get to Michael!!) lol....(she found them both at a thrift swap!) I have ALWAYS wanted Nat King Cole To be my 1st album so i must've nearly cried!! lol...She had a record player on hold at her job, But her evil manager bought it for his wife!!?? *sigh....well, Now that i have Vinyls, I can shop around for my own player!!! I'm sooo happy!! :)
One of My Favs: "When I Fall in Love" is on this album...1st solo i had to sing for my music class during my 1st year of college (unforgettable) *sigh...i've been in love ever since!

-Statement: JESUS is The Reason For the Season!!! ;)

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Mellanie said...

Thanks for the congrats! And congrats on the new ride! As soon as my w2 gets here I'm getting one too. I love getting taxes's like a reward for working all year. =P