Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TOBY (Spider Man) McGUIRE Shows Out:BROTHERS review

**Not to mention Jake Gyllenhall was looking his best in this flick!! He's on the list! lol

I just got home from one of the greatest movies of the year!!!! However, it was TOO REAL.TOO SOON! I don't know that i could watch it again for a long time, but it was REALLY GOOD!! This movie highlights the reality of the war, life after, and life to be cherished before. Still, i walked out of the theatre with every emotion hanging over my shoulder =(

I feel heavy.

....It's not "just a movie".

and i don't know that i could "suggest it to a friend".

IF TOBY McGuire DOESN'T GET AN OSCAR AND EVERY AWARD POSSIBLE for this role....the world's gone mad! I wanted to give him a standing ovation; he tapped into a place & stayed there until we literally realized how REAL those emotions are for so many people...

**4 starz and a fist full of tears!!

"What Sheridan's newest film Brothers attempts to share with its audience is the psychological pain of a soldier thrust back into home life and toll it takes on the family.Brothers tells the story of Sam (Tobey Maguire), a Captain for the Marines who goes on a tour in Afghanistan and is captured by Al-Qaeda along with a fellow soldier and is tortured and hounded for intelligence. Presumed dead, his wife Grace (Natalie Portman) is mourning his loss while trying to raise his two daughters. His brother Tommy (Jake Gyllenhaal) has just been released from jail and trying to adjust to life outside prison and facing constant ridicule from his alcoholic father (Sam Shepard). When Sam is pronounced dead, Tommy's paternal instinct kicks in and plays the family role in helping Grace take care of the girls. As months pass, Grace and Tommy's once rocky relationship goes a different route. But all changes when Sam is rescued and brought back home".

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Bianca S. said...

dang, i wasn't expecting for this to be good but now i really really wanna see it! great post!