Friday, January 8, 2010

day EIGHT.DOWN. 357 to go...

Ok so let me start of by saying, I skipped two's true! However, I realized this "everyday aspect" is just not fit for me/my life style....I work two jobs & i get home late, Alot! I don't work tomorrow so hence, i'm here. But still...I might have to re-vamp this thing to a "52 weeks" instead of "365 days"?! lol....I'm Serious....come Sunday i'll be counting by weeks! ;)

Anyhoo...Omg, so EVERYBODY has a Facebook!!! EVEN.....MY GRANNY! lol...yess....that's Her "profile pic" & no my moms wasn't 12 when she had me nor was my granny 15 when she had my moms (my moms was a married, nearly 22 yr. old & granny was in her late 20z when she had my moms...& that's NOT to disrespect young mothers in anyway)!!!! ...I suppose i get my Young face (& my smile) from my granny??! *someone once thought i was 10yrs younger than what i really am!! lol...I was 22 at the time!

.....But noooo, this is Not okay, why is my whole family trying to be on FB?? It was okay when i was connecting with distant cousins, but Granny, uncles, & aunties should not know all aspects of my in how i joke with my friends, etc?! I'll never be caught saying anything "out of conduct", BUT STILL....i'm a "granny-goose" to my Granny (what she calls me)...she don't need to see me any other way!lol....I went ahead & added Granny, But some folks will NOT be added...I still have an uncle "in waiting"! lol...i won't deny any fam, but i sure won't accept 'em all either ;)


RiekaBaby said...

girl, i feel u! My mom on fb now...ugh! its not the same cuz u gotta think twice b4 u put certain things up! kinda sux.

Shandra E...*the misses said...