Sunday, January 3, 2010

day THREE.DOWN 362 to go...

I took this pic, while waiting to exit the freeway...i was headed home. Ironically, this pic captures all of the decisions I am faced with as I approach this New year!

The ONE WAY sign stands out the most. I must move forward!

Do NOT enter: I cannot afford to backtrack...lest I set myself up for a collision with the past! I'm so future focused/goal oriented!!

and then There's the Rear View Mirror: At first glance, you'd think the car in the mirror is behind me, but then you realize it's the very car NEXT TO ME...trying to keep up...trying to stay close....*sigh....And while you may conclude the solution is in Letting Go...also consider, their resolution may be to pick up...right where you left off! So i turned the corner, just like i turned the page. SCREW ALL THE NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS; it's like being in the washing machine, but never getting clean; so you're just tossed about & wrung out..stretched to your capacity..with two options: you could air your dirty laundry OR you could place it in the hands of God...i hear He hand-washes you like no other ;)

-Shandra e.

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