Friday, January 22, 2010

TEAM CONAN (O'Brian)!!!!

After resigning from his position as The Tonight Show host, Jay Leno's job was the perfect promotion for fellow NBC host Conan O'Brian!! However, now that Jay's "experimental" late night talk show has plummeted, the "Indian Giver" wants his job back!!!

I feel sooo bad for Conzy! (The Rock gave him that name yrs. back! lol)...My sister & I would watch him back in our High School days and he 's been a late night "must-have" ever since! It's sad because he was so excited to take part in the legendary 'Tonight Show' line-up after Jay who succeeded Johny Carson, but now...after a mere few months, his stint is already OVER!

Poor Conzy! hopefully he finds a home soon and perhaps the $34 million he won in the settlement, for the breached contract, will cheer him up these next few (jobless) weeks!

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