Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 3/365

My first day back to work!! To no surprise the class was More than HYPER-ACTIVE and it seemed as though we were back to the if certain habits were never dropped?! So while the kids ran around the room yelling....I watched the clock and finally exhaled the moment the bell rang!

...and at the end of the day, when i go home...before i slip out of my clothes, shower, or go to bed...I have to SMILE because no matter what, i love those kids and i love my job!
it's funny how perspective changes....and to think, i never imagined i'd LOVE/ADORE kids...*sigh, it's amazing how much joy a child can bring...their quirky little sayings, their obnoxious, attention seeking Yet irresistible little voices!! lol...i just adore them...:)


RoByn LaTice said...

Your hair is really cute. i just love children. Their smiles and voices can always brighten me up!

Tip said...

wooow ur a teacher too!! cool we have more in common! looove ur hair!!