Saturday, February 20, 2010

without words...

There are two groups of people out there with two different interpretations of who I am: Very Reserved and Very Outspoken. I am reserved, but if ever I reserved my left me speechless. And if ever i was found speechless, you left me..

-shandra e.

"One of the most important things another human being can give you, is something to say".


Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Ms. Ross said we done grewd up!" lol...

Michael's little voice!! haha...gotta love Throwbacks like this!! So obviously i wasn't old enough to watch any of the episodes when they aired...just thought i'd have a late.night.laugh =)

That man is Forever loved! & even though it's been nearly 8 months (wow that's crazy) i still keep him/his music very much alive!!

Setback OR Set-up

Here's some advice I shared with an associate of mine through email...perhaps someone else needs to hear/know the same...

just know that whatever is setting you back, can be the springboard you need to propell forward!! I've had so many hardships babe, so i can't say i know where you're coming from (cuz i literally don't)...can't even say i've been there, but i've been around long enough to know that sometimes where you haven't been makes the grundgy look of where you are seem just a little bit brighter!!! you made it to Death, is somewhere you haven't setback; just a set-up for GREATNESS ;)

BE and THINK postive.
Shandra e.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

This Type Love...Shihan :)

I'm sure we've all heard this at least one billion times! lol...But don't you just LOVE it??! so while "love" is in the air, i figured why not post & share:
One of the most memorable Def Jam Poet's SHIHAN!!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy B-Day!! B-rocka turns 31!

Yesterday was Brandy's Birthday and she welcomed 31 in Miami, with her bff's, brother Ray J and singer Kelly Rowland!.. apparently Bran & Kelly have the same Bday (kelly turned 29)....gotta admit it was weird seeing kelly all Buddied up with another "B" besides Bey!
...outfits for the night: ...uhhhh...i guess...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I want...That Huxtable Love!

I want to roll over every morning and say "good mornin' love" to you.

I want to cook you breakfast

and i want to call off work,
just to lay some more with you.

I want to call you Mr.
just to affirm that i am your Mrs.

and i want you to wake me up with soft, sweet,
slow kisses atop my nose

and i suppose i want to play footsies as i wrap my legs around you

I want to be so close even our lashes would have to interlock
and our memories would intertwine as love flashes before our souls

I want to close my eyes and see dreams dying to come true...
I want to live my reality so in love with you

And I want to get a dog that adores you
one that shows love more than me
so that i could live vicariously through the dog
and love you twice as much

I want to listen to oldies
and dance around the living room like spinning records

I want to have your children

I want them to walk in RIGHT when we think we have time to ourselves
only to find Claire and Cliff are at it again

I want to be your lover, but even more so
i just want to be your friend.

Shandra e.

Friday, February 5, 2010

note to the broken:


& when you feel like you've been


into a thousand little pieces...


you now have the power.


a bigger and better YOU.

Shandra e.