Saturday, February 6, 2010

I want...That Huxtable Love!

I want to roll over every morning and say "good mornin' love" to you.

I want to cook you breakfast

and i want to call off work,
just to lay some more with you.

I want to call you Mr.
just to affirm that i am your Mrs.

and i want you to wake me up with soft, sweet,
slow kisses atop my nose

and i suppose i want to play footsies as i wrap my legs around you

I want to be so close even our lashes would have to interlock
and our memories would intertwine as love flashes before our souls

I want to close my eyes and see dreams dying to come true...
I want to live my reality so in love with you

And I want to get a dog that adores you
one that shows love more than me
so that i could live vicariously through the dog
and love you twice as much

I want to listen to oldies
and dance around the living room like spinning records

I want to have your children

I want them to walk in RIGHT when we think we have time to ourselves
only to find Claire and Cliff are at it again

I want to be your lover, but even more so
i just want to be your friend.

Shandra e.

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