Tuesday, April 6, 2010

OoohOooh I LIKE IT! ;) Debarge Baby!

So this past Friday night, I went to some cafe' in Hollywood, where they hold an event called "FIRST FRIDAYS" and to my surprise, we closed the night with a guest performance from EL DEBARGE!!! I was too stoked...I just Love artist who were making it happen before my time & still manage to wow a crowd!...they have a sound we fail to capture these days And let me tell you...When El Got up to sing his infamous (family hit) I LIKE IT, the place couldn't help, but get with it! Youngins were singing lyrics to the 't', and those old enough to actually be "LONG TIME" fans were hysterical to watch as they screamed & "laughed" to keep from looking like the repressed groupies they were! LMBO...it was amazing though! He reminded me of Michael as he swooned the crowd and hit those beautiful falsettos notes...HE STILL HAS IT! && I hope he has a chance to redeem himself as an artist!!

...He, along with most of his Family has faced so many hard times so I want nothing more than great success & true happiness for the guy! I hope he stays clean...

*EL & brother Chico during "not so good" times.

He's kind of "up there" in age, but he still looked good when we saw 'em! lmbo even the Comedian with his grown self had to admit "although I'm such a heterosexual dude, El Debarge is fine & i aint afriad to say it!" ha! Then he looked right at El & said it again!! But he's that back in the day when light skin dudes were IN kind of FINE ...you know the baby face, baby hair wearing, pretty face dudes...lol..

...SO NOW, I've been playing him out non-stop...i swear me & my family got some kind of "addict-gene" cuz me & my little sister are straight wooed like it's 1985!! lol...& that's a whole year before my time...let alone she wasn't even a thought! ha! we some MJ rebounders though...just lovin' every little glimpse of him we see in others! But that's not to say EL DEBARGE himself wasn't worthy of our admiration cuz lawd knows i'm smitten :)

lol...by the music of course!

not the night we whitnessed; this might be footage from the 90z, but it serves the purpose!

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