Saturday, August 21, 2010

10 years ago......

10 years ago i permed my hair for the last time.

10 years ago i decided at 13, that i was ready to live totally for GOD...and ever since, that's exactly what i've been trying to do. 10 years ago, my absentee father stepped back on to the scene and sent my life up and down on the worst rollercoaster ride...EVER.

10 years ago....i learned that my best friend told my secret....and i vowed that no one could be a friend as dear as 10 years ago, i realized He was more than 'just' a savior...He was my BEST friend....and soon after i learned, He was my father.

10 years ago....i started high school. I walked into my English class and challenged the teacher, her theories and her logics....and 10 years later I am still a challenge. 10 years ago, i met the man of my dreams....he challenged me, loved me, and stretched me to no end...he taught me how to stretch and push myself....he was a teacher i'll never forget; he showed me that i was worth the challenge. And 10 years later, i'm still waiting for someone to live up to his standards....yet 10 years ago, i vowed never to stop in the process of waiting, because the Bible tells me, I am to "occupy until He comes" in waiting, i learned to love myself.

10 years ago....time flew by.