Tuesday, October 5, 2010

25 years-to-LIFE...Behind Bars....

"The sting of suffering cannot reach a heart encased in a hard, protective shell---- but then, neither can love. It is a state of emotional purgatory. When you block out the pain, you block out all other feelings as well, and nothing, no one can touch you. Sermons don't touch you. Sex don't touch you. The lover's passionate caresses fail to touch the spot where it really hurts.

They do not know that when they wrap their arms around you, they are not even holding YOU. The real you is cut off from the rest of the world. It's almost as if your heart were wrapped up in a suit of armor. You are safe from pain, safe from anyone hurting you, but YOU ARE ALONE, EMPTY, and UNTOUCHED. You are Making Love, Making Life, making coffee...in a bubble. You are quarantined by pain and alienated by secret struggles. So close...yet SO FAR...you remain UNTOUCHED!

What you built for protection has now become a prison, and you are trapped in a silent cell built for One."

excerpt from "THE LADY, HER LOVER, & HER LORD"
I read this book about 2yrs ago and passed it on to my friend! I loved it so much & learned so much, i decided to read it again! It's such an enrichment to read!! I'll keep you guys posted!
...decided i'd let people in on the "gush" this time around...LADIES everywhere should read this book!!

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