Monday, October 11, 2010


1. Oh one of my male co-workers is working my nerves!!! =/ Apparently he seems to think we're stuck on some sitcom where "guy meets girl, girl seems disinterested. Guy assumes girl is playing hard to get; Girl runs. Guy loves the chase".....but see he forgot that in reality: Girl files charges!! lol....seriously!! This dude has tried it all, including sparking up random & not-so sweet NOTHINGS, just to get in my ear! He became so persistent the kids started making fun of him! ( i work with special ed...smh)! Kids who weren't in my class knew my name...because of him!!! And then finally i let him have it!! After turning him down, repeatedly....blatantly ignoring/avoiding him.....he still didn't get the point & would still openly compliment me and try to have open conversations at all the wrong times....I finally pulled him to the side and straight forward told him to KEEP IT STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL! I told him to watch how he talks to me, approaches me etc. Dude had the nerve to blame it all on the kids....saying they made it get out of hand....THEN he tried to shake my hand to apologize right....And this FOO EXCEEDS THE "strictly business" time limit, holds my hand way to Long & way too tight AND GONE HAVE THE NERVE TO ASK "You like that huh???"

OK SO HOW ABOUT YOU DON'T WORK WITH SPECIAL KIDS KNOWING GOOD & WELL YOU ARE A SPECIAL KID?!!! I had to re-tell him off cuz obviously he missed the point!!! x-(

...& it worked...for a little while; he stopped speaking altogether; YES!! lol...WRONG...he was just storing up all his thoughts and corny sayings for another time.....Now this Foo works in the same class as me....AND HE LAYS IT ON THICK!!!! tooooo thick! YUCK.....TODAY he actually BEGGED me to go out with him on his birthday!! Did a freaking dance & everything!!!! O.M was a mess yall!! not to mention, it was during our working hours, out in the open....smh...this foo gone make me report him! "talkin bout "aint too proud to beg"...SPAa! well beggars can't be choosers so "How 'bout you DON'T" choose Me!!

2. Have you ever been sitting somewhere and suddenly you turn your head to meet somebody, eye-to-eye, staring right at you??? It's like you FELT it?! ...weird right?! Ok so i was in the car, stopped at a red light, eating some ice cream....head all to the side, just devouring it right...and i turn around to see this dude, lifted out his seat, staring at me with the creepiest smile on his face!!! UHG!!!! And it's like what was he doing...tryna check out my shoes while he at it??? why he looking all up in my car...lifted out his seat & everything??! I was so weirded out!!

And to make things worse...i think i'm scarred...for life! The next morning, i was about to eat breakfast in my car and i stopped to see if anybody was driving on the side of me!! When the coast was clear, i peeled my banana and broke/ate it piece by piece like it was finger food!! smh....HOW 'BOUT YOU DON'T gawk at people while they's rude....a bit perverted....and just disturbing! I'm traumatized =/

3. Ok so after being on my job for a good month....i was walking to the office to sign out when, this guy walks up to me and says "i know you don't know me that well, but we work together so...anyway, can i ask you a question.....*dead pause*........I need $10"??!!!

Ok like WHAT?! The sad thing is he was Dead Serious and i didn't even crack a smile! What in the world...who asks a NEW co-worker for, who TELLS their co-worker they need money...and actually expects to get it??!! HOW BOUT YOU DON'T say "can i ask you something", but then you turn around 'tellin' me what you need"! SPAa!

Then this foo says....ok not a problem...i'll ask Ms, "So & So".....smh...he said the principals name! And do you know he actually asked her!!! THEN HE HAD NERVE TO tell me, "wait right here....i'm comin back...but wait, you hungry....can i take you to eat or something"???

WHAT THE.....With what money...The $10 you wanna borrow from ME???!!!


and i should mention, that was just the 1st time he asked me out......he happens to be the guy from #1....I'm really convinced he's working here on some EOP program (equal opportunity program)...cuz i swear he must be special!
So the next time, somebody has that mischievous look on their face, like they wanna say or do something disturbing...look at him side-ways like "oh i see"....catch 'em mid-thought....stop 'em before they even get to "do the do" & P.O.W! (pearls of wisdom for ya ignorance!)...

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