Thursday, October 21, 2010


"...And though we're far apart,
you're always in my heart...."

Shandra e.

Did you watch Oprah today? Lisa Marie Presley was on there speaking /venting all her love, anguish, guilt and remorse for Michael Jackson. And she mentioned that Michael Jackson was the greatest high she had ever been on. I thought that was an interesting way of putting it?! Anyhoo it/the show has me in a funky mood..* a bit nostalgic i guess?! Aint it funny how we always long for the yesterdays, yet we wouldn't trade 'em for the world?! So no, of course i didn't know MJ but at some point we have to stop making this about who knew Michael and realize that at one point, we all loved him!
& i'm just one of a billion who still does. :)
*shrugs...aint no shame.

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Anonymous said...

great way to put it. i miss hi, so much.