Sunday, October 10, 2010

When Push Comes to Shove....CHANGE.

*sigh....i was getting soooo annoyed with "lookin so tuff with my Afro puff" look...So Finally, i tried a two-strand twist (took me 5 hrs!! YIKES!)....not to mention the Major Shrinkage!!'s ok....just needed it to rock a twist-out fro' with my 70s ladies dress for church tomorrow! :) Anyhooo...I got carried away & started playing with little brother actually likes the two-strand "as is".....he says i look like a Jamiacan?! lol...i guess....for some reason, everytime i've had front bangs, whether it was a weave, my own straight hair (oxymoron right?!), or now these twist....someone ends up calling me an "island girl" or a Jamiacan?! dude swore up & down i was from de' islands! ha! I shoulda/coulda went with it Just cuz he was CUTE! lol....

P.S I wore RED lipstick for the 2nd time today! :)
guess i can check that off thee "25 b4 25" list!
there's a couple things i can check off the list, but that's another post....

Shandra e.


Supastarrr said...

Gorgeous! I love them. I just did some 2strand twists last night. thankfully, it took 2hrs lol.

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Oh wow....2hrs??!!! ONLY?! man you're good....& fast!!!


oh & thanx :)