Thursday, August 4, 2011

Walking The Line

If there's a thin line, I suppose we were made for the tight-rope,

cuz as crazy as this may be, for the 1st time,

this feels like balance to me.

I don't have to choose; there is nothing left to lose, so what more can we prove?

This is the after-life.

Life, after love.

And what becomes of us, no longer matters...

I've seen smiles die and choke residual laughter.

I've seen the light smothered in darkness, or so it seems...

(everything is darkened in the inbetween)...I've seen,

eyes blinded by love and love blinded by lust,

lust were busted with someone else.

I've seen "you" vanish right before my eyes, unopened.

And my soul was more than a window, it was a door you left wide open.

When you left, so much hurt was left unspoken, so i climbed into beds

hoping for comfort in between soiled sheets...

sheets soiled with tears, crying out for the real "me".

I used to think love took us from ourselves,

drifted us to the "far away" and rested us on shelves, held high in the palms of God.

And who we became...was more than absent-minded;

we were tin-men, rustin', dying to have a heart.

So we clicked our bloody heels and chased yellow-brick pavements,

until we met a fork in the road, feasted on lies,

and now when people ask, our story remains untold,

our truth: yet to unfold,

our status: potential platinum, stagnate at mere gold...

we could've been a hit, but for now this is it...

palms split

hearts quit

arrested on this line____________________

don't resuscitate me.

leave me before i choose our fate

right here, after love

somewhere drifting towards hate...

in the inbetween...

walking this thin line....

Shandra e.

*written in May 2011 (figured it paired nicely with my last/impromptu blog below).

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