Thursday, August 4, 2011

more like my book.of.faces

it's funny how the moment you start getting old, you see the world with new eyes....

Shandra e.

Walking The Line

If there's a thin line, I suppose we were made for the tight-rope,

cuz as crazy as this may be, for the 1st time,

this feels like balance to me.

I don't have to choose; there is nothing left to lose, so what more can we prove?

This is the after-life.

Life, after love.

And what becomes of us, no longer matters...

I've seen smiles die and choke residual laughter.

I've seen the light smothered in darkness, or so it seems...

(everything is darkened in the inbetween)...I've seen,

eyes blinded by love and love blinded by lust,

lust were busted with someone else.

I've seen "you" vanish right before my eyes, unopened.

And my soul was more than a window, it was a door you left wide open.

When you left, so much hurt was left unspoken, so i climbed into beds

hoping for comfort in between soiled sheets...

sheets soiled with tears, crying out for the real "me".

I used to think love took us from ourselves,

drifted us to the "far away" and rested us on shelves, held high in the palms of God.

And who we became...was more than absent-minded;

we were tin-men, rustin', dying to have a heart.

So we clicked our bloody heels and chased yellow-brick pavements,

until we met a fork in the road, feasted on lies,

and now when people ask, our story remains untold,

our truth: yet to unfold,

our status: potential platinum, stagnate at mere gold...

we could've been a hit, but for now this is it...

palms split

hearts quit

arrested on this line____________________

don't resuscitate me.

leave me before i choose our fate

right here, after love

somewhere drifting towards hate...

in the inbetween...

walking this thin line....

Shandra e.

*written in May 2011 (figured it paired nicely with my last/impromptu blog below).

because the silence seems so loud...

I waved hello, knowing it was our last goodbye

I smiled and spoke words with my eyes, that belonged to someone else

I drowned in your silence, while screaming for help

I enabled you to forgive yourself for making a grand mistake...

because they say, "there's a thin line between love and hate"....

I chose the inbetween.

... I rather confuse you with sweet NOTHINGS than submit to the silence.

Shandra e.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shandra e. (the misses)....*Update

I have been, but not 'here' for a long time!!!

I think i'll stick around for a while though...lately i've had a lot to say...i've been living...and thinking...and well, thinking some more! lol...

I've been fortunate to CHECK OFF things on my 25 by 25 list and i'll share in another post! :)

as for now, i'm just glad to be back.....i've got a new spin on love&life, and still anything spinning goes in it aint 'brand' spankin' new...but my perspective now has a little more bite, less bark....i'm trying to be a woman of my word these days & these days my womanhood consist of being in HIS word ;)

so idk, stick around if you dare :)

Shandra e. (..the misses)

BITTER-SWEET LIES & A Salty Surprise ;)

you couldn't bench press the future with those dreams....
"lighten up"??
naw feather weight, i say it's light enough....
so turn out the lights; i wanna see you fight for reality!
turn out the lights; i'll show you just what you have in me...
a keeper.
& like the grim reaper, sleep walkin in ya sleepers, cleanin' wounds like street sweepers...
i cheated death, stole thru the night like tlc creepers.....
ha!...look at eager..
look at you...can't please 'er....
look at you..
revenge couldn't be sweeter,
taught you a lesson before you could ever leave 'er.....
& now you need 'er??...
ha!..the tables are turned, but you can't feed 'er...
you can't feed 'er.....
ha! can't feed 'er!

freshly free-styled/hot off my (empty) plate
*Shandra e.

when i grow up...."i wanna be a rapper"....lmbo...cheer me on!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Panty Droppers......

And then it comes to me, Like an epiphany:

Never let the weight of your happiness rest in the arms of another person...
what happens when their arms give out???....
I can guarantee, more than your bottom jaw just dropped to the floor....

and so the pursuit of happiness continues, once more....

-Shandra e.

Monday, February 14, 2011

fingerprints on the glass.....

TRUE Love is: non-recyclable

and you can't thrift used valuables

there's no book for "DUMMIES" to tell you how it goes

not just a show

nothing learned or acquired "so now you know"

True Love is: that thing you do love

NEW love..every. day

.....and in no way is it temporary.

Shandra e.

*freestyled this while driving last week...surprise i remembered it?!

Happy Love Day people.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back to you.....

you found me
and i'd hate to lose you...
again, i'd find myself back at the lost and found searching for silence
cuz someone said it makes the loudest sound
when you're in love....
when you're in love, friendship is compromised
feelings once burried are realized
i couldn't even act surprised, cuz i felt it coming,
...and right on cue, it sent me running....

Shandra e.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


"...And though we're far apart,
you're always in my heart...."

Shandra e.

Did you watch Oprah today? Lisa Marie Presley was on there speaking /venting all her love, anguish, guilt and remorse for Michael Jackson. And she mentioned that Michael Jackson was the greatest high she had ever been on. I thought that was an interesting way of putting it?! Anyhoo it/the show has me in a funky mood..* a bit nostalgic i guess?! Aint it funny how we always long for the yesterdays, yet we wouldn't trade 'em for the world?! So no, of course i didn't know MJ but at some point we have to stop making this about who knew Michael and realize that at one point, we all loved him!
& i'm just one of a billion who still does. :)
*shrugs...aint no shame.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm in LOVE....With YOU!! (*MUST SEE)

The John Lennon Tour Bus loved my Brother's song so much, they decided to produce the video for them!!! My brother wrote the lyrics/sings in the video and my cousin produced the music/plays the guitar in the video!! :D music runs in the family...everybody plays and/or sings...every gathering is either a concert OR an arguement! lol

These boys are DOPE and I'll say so myself ;)