Monday, November 30, 2009

HeartBreak Hotel & Not So Good(byes)...

Do.Not.Disturb swings from these doors like a pendulum

and i can't tell if you're coming or going

so whether you leave or stay

my heart remains vacant

because i have already shut you out

-Shandra e.

*i always struggle with goodbyes =/
Hence the reason why i keep people at bay...
it takes so much work to get people out of your system; especially when they vanish unexpectedly!
and it takes more work to distance people who are potentially good for you, all because you're afraid of "uncertainties".

The Never ending Journey...

And if love is your destination it's bound to end

lets go on a journey and fall fast

every day

along the way....

Shandra e.

after "Black Friday" comes CYBER MONDAY!!!

If You missed BLACK FRIDAY, don't feel so bad...IT'S CYBER MONDAY!! :) Be sure to check out all your favorite stores online for special promotions!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It was an Accident...

and if these two worlds could collide, inspite of the pain we tried so desperately to hide

anything is possible

anything can happen when you no longer care to STOP.

in the name of "Love" i've seen tears fall and turn into oceans

i've seen words dance as they finally fell victim to motion

and then without potion, your magic took over....

you are the driving force on my journey called love

CRASH into me....

and i swear i'll act surprised.

Shandra e.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

She Reigns....QUEEN B!

Brandy singing Change Gone Come by: Thee Sam Cooke (gotta LOVE him)!!!

So, I am one of thee biggest Brandy appreciators, but i will admit she was doing a tad too much, NEVERTHELESS....she was still Bomb!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mr. Marvin Gaye...

watch the whole thing ;o)
lol...the end is a trip....

I Want his jacket!!! seriously, i think Michael was secretly harvesting up ideas from Marvin?! lol...JK...
But rest assured, Just like MJ, Mr. Marvin always made an effort to individualize his look with a special jacket/vest of some sort!! But wait, Notice how he wiggles out of that vest at the end of the song...Hillarious!!!! ;-o
lol...&& he's a trip for sliding in & out of those suspenders with all those sound effects!! lmbo...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holding on For Dear Life...

don't tell me to move on and get over it

..perhaps... i never will

Maybe I'm comfortable holding on to something I've already lost..

& maybe your heart is just as empty as my hands..

-Shandra e.

Popular idiom: hold on for dear life
to use a lot of effort to keep something...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dating VS. Hanging Out VS. just out on A date VS. Courting???

Hey so i have a question: If a guy & a girl are talking via telephone for quite a while, and suddenly the guy says "when are we gonna go out" (SIDE BAR:what does that mean...intentions, etc???) However, the girl says "oh, well just to let you know, "i'm not looking for a relationship or anything like that", then he says "that's not a problem, i still wanna take you out"....IF SHE AGREES TO GO OUT, WHAT MESSAGE IS SHE SENDING?? Should she trust that they really are on the same page (as in: neither want a relationship) OR is she leading him on by agreeing to go on the date?AND what If he says, "it's koo, i just wanna take you out", BUT She KNOWS he's really into her. Again, is she leading him on by going on the date even though she knows he wants more than she does?! Or has she been "up front"/ honest; therefore she has no fault (since she "kept it real from the jump)"????

Hopefully all that wasn't confusing; we went in circles about this at church....I NEED TO KNOW WHAT EVERYONE THINKS??!

ALSO: What classifies a "DATE" and when are people considered to be dating vs. simply getting to know each other or is it all just the same thing??? help me out yall....they had me sooo frustrated; I have my own thoughts, BUT i just wanna hear different opinions! ;-o

After "500 hundred years of suffering" Justin Timberlake agrees...

Jamie Foxx is a mess! ha ;-p Funny. Crazy. Beautiful. I love him! BUT HOW in the world do you use slavery to get a white artist on your track??! lmbo...only he would!

NOW, as for the dance contest: the chick who "needs to eat" should've won cuz none of the other ones were doing too much either...Especially the one suspened between her TOO TIGHT belt used as a girdle!! lmbo HOTT MESS! ;-o

&& i just realized he called the last girl "leather pants"...lmbo well, Leather pants won the money.

SWEET DREAMS!!! Nothing Like Bey :)

I swear...Her craft and skill when it comes to singing AMAZES ME Beyond any other!!! (Don't get me wrong BRANDY is still the illest, but i don't really like comparing the 2...they're in 2 different lanes winning the same race! ...each deserves their own props!..not a comparison )

Anyhoo, BEYONCE is always revamping her work, always creating and recreating...i love it/her! Her God-Given "talent" is beyond this world & she makes me wanna take off work, just to sing around the house all day??! lol...but Only in hopes that I Too will sound Amazing??!
She's So DOPE!!!

Sweet Dreams

Beyonce MySpace Music Videos

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

REASONS Never Change...

You go first
No, you go first
Okay...lets go together
Or better yet...what if we never let go
i swear, i could hold on forever
Shandra e.

In The Mean Time....

What if he never comes

And Perhaps He's running late

Give me Seven Reasons Why I should wait on a Fairytale...

there's no happy ending

i looked at this picture & that's what i saw: a woman settling for Mr. Right Now simply because her perception of Mr. RIGHT was all wrong...& I swear i've seen "this picture" before...

-Shandra e.

"It's YOUR body...Do What You Want"!

Pro Choice
Capital Punishment
Stem Cell Research
...In The Name of LOVE

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not Your Average JOE

I've been playing Joe's music out for the past few days so i decided i just had to rant about him!!! Okay, So I Love this Dude!! Been in love with everything he does, since the 90s, when he dropped "ALL THE THINGS ya man won't do"!!! WOOOwee...That song right 1st time a guy ever sang a serenade to me, it was that song! :) But Yeah, JOE is definitely one of my Top Favs when it comes to R&B...really just male vocalist period; he's up there on the list!

&& Besides, These days you have to be Vocal about your musical lovers or else you'll get lumped with the post mortem groupies (ewwww!). I must've went loco when someone had Nerve to ask my younger sister "since when have you been a Michael Jackson Fan"??? WT...How about All her life! wasn't even directed to me, but I was Offended! Anyhoo, i might not adore the fashion from the 90z but truly some of the Greats reigned during that "era"!! They say it was something to grow up as a teen in the 80z (& it was; no discredit) BUT Bout time the 90z hit, Michael was leading us to the climax of his career! Brandy popped on the scene, Whitney promised she'd always love you & Tupac....sigh....we had Tupac!
I'm a LOVER of ALL music, but i can be a R&B junkie for real!

Joe Thomas Pictures, Images and Photos

Some of My Top JOE hits:

- All the Things -It's Me
-Sweeter than Sugar - If I was Your Man
-Dropped your dime -Beautiful
-I wanna Know -Treat Her Like a Lady
-Life of the Party -Can'T Get Over You (cover)
-Don't Wanna Be a Player No More -What If a Woman
- The "New" album SIGNATURE is FIYA!!!! =D

I'll try to Fix You

Here's India Shawn singing FIX YOU by ColdPlay!
I love the way she sings with so much passion; another one of Brandy's "musical offsprings"! :)

& Here's the Original by Cold Play along with the (great) Lyrics!!!

Beneath My Wings

Falling fast

hitting hard

and I never knew rock bottom would be a place for me

guess that's what i get for thinking i could defy the laws of gravity

still i got so high

thought i could fly

until you proved you had been carrying me
all along
it was your power equipping me
after all
your strength, sustaining me
your breath of fresh air surrounding me
your sweet grace now humbling me
i'm grateful for it all
shandra e.

Dear Love,

I've been avoiding this for quite some time, but i finally decided to face you

all those years i was so busy trying to replace you

drawing my own conclusions, still i could never trace you i colored outside the lines

and i swear i must've turned the page a thousand times

only to find my world was black and white

something was missing and nothing seemed to be right

but as long as i had you, it was worth another fight

so i kept trying

sometimes love knocks you down

and sometimes you're just lying to mask the truth

i was knocked down and out

...these stitches are the proof that
love lost is love never had

so really what's the use

you took my heart beat just to pound it with abuse

showed me rose colored paintings

your Lies became the muse

so here's an eye for an I forgive...

My Dear love,

i live to give you chances...

-shandra e.