Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's Human Nature...

He just might Be my favorite Brandy Fan!!! that even probable??? Who Cares...this guy taps into Bran's vibrato like no other i've ever heard!!! LOVES HIM! ...I heard him singing' an Alicia Keys song & just KNEW he was a Brandy & MJ fan; I heard it in his voice!! Now all I need is a Trey Songz joint from him & i'm goood =D

Friday, December 25, 2009

"So...How about those Lakers"??? lol....

It's CHRISTmas!!!!! =D (it's also 6months ago today that MJ passed, but WOOSAH...we'll stay positive && besides, It's not his Day!) So, How About those Lakers??? As of Tomorrow...I WILL BE IN SACRAMENTO answering that question from the stands!!! So a few months ago, I made a TO-DO & TO-DON'T List (older blog post) & I'm happy to say that so far i've been checking things off!!!

Let's Re-cap (& lift my words verbatim from the earlier blog):
-Take a trip to Catalina Island!!!
"I've been "planning" this trip since January...of Last year =/ so I have to go before another January rolls around!! If not Catalina, i just have to get away..."
Tomorrow is the Kick off of my 1st "road trip" (made it just in time!)& Besides the Laker game in Sac (uber excited!!!), we'll hit Oakland, San Fran & possibly Oregon (just because?! lol) I CAN'T WAIT =D

--CONTINUE to Save Up for My Own Apartment!!!:
Well...about that...I GOT A NEW CAR!!??!! lol...but really, It's A recession & My "Black.Man.Workin" decided to stop workin' I had to switch some things around for an impulsive car buy! It's a cute little 2009 Nissan Sentra!! (we've been together for 2months now) && I was sure to get leather seats....My "Black.Man" would have it no other way!! *shrugs....I"LL JUST START SAVING ALL OVER AGAIN!


"TheNatKINGofJazzCole , Smokey Rob, (i like giving my favs nick names! lol), Dear Sam (Cooke) & Frankie Lymon will all be spinning along with MJ. and Prince"!! Gotta have Frankie (sinatra) too!!!

*if it counts, MJ wrote the title track ;)

Well, I'm Half-way there...My little sis gave me the best gift ever: NAT KING COLE'S original vinyl Record!!! and Rebbie Jackson (it was the closest she could get to Michael!!) lol....(she found them both at a thrift swap!) I have ALWAYS wanted Nat King Cole To be my 1st album so i must've nearly cried!! lol...She had a record player on hold at her job, But her evil manager bought it for his wife!!?? *sigh....well, Now that i have Vinyls, I can shop around for my own player!!! I'm sooo happy!! :)
One of My Favs: "When I Fall in Love" is on this album...1st solo i had to sing for my music class during my 1st year of college (unforgettable) *sigh...i've been in love ever since!

-Statement: JESUS is The Reason For the Season!!! ;)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Limitations of Love

Love NEVER reaches without something to offer!

Shandra e.

GIVE LOVE ON CHRISTMAS's the Greatest gift ever!! :)

Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Where There is LOVE......

just look over your shoulder honey.....
THERE.....that's where all the memories are

See You, When I see You...

And all it takes is one look

one look & i go piercing through the core of you

touching the softer parts of you

intersecting the inner sections of you

because it is True....I always see YOU when I see you

& you have not changed

*Shandra e.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Held Together by Bandages of Fear....

And why do we automatically say "THEY'RE IN A BETTER PLACE"??? Perhaps all the riches they had on earth will far surpass the wages they face for eternity?! And Maybe...We're so selfish, we forget about their souls, only to focus on our patch-worked hearts....

*Shandra E.

(just hypothesizing..)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I rarely stay on youtube anymore....because i know it results in me staying on there ALL NIGHT! One video leads to another and suddenly, you're listening to songs you've heard and LOVED for years, BUT FINALLY it reaches the right vocalist!! ...*sigh...&& all i wanted for Christmas was good music!! lol...Merry Christmas to Me and you too! =D
"It's Bran-Day" yall ;)

this joint, by James Fauntleroy (one of the greatest songwriters/vocalist period!) has been one of my favorites for a minute (a few years!!)....BRANDY JUST MADE MY DAY BY EVEN CONSIDERING THIS!! I HOPE IT GOES ON A FUTURE ALBUM!!! *fingers crossed...

you can't call the troops back home
cuz you know they're too far gone
what if love was never war
it would never hurt you anymore
what are you fighting for...
CASUALTIES of Love everywhere
Stand Up...I know You're Out there!
Gotta get Together
we can make LOVE and not war baby
anybody fighting for LOVE???

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lost and Found

If love lost is mere love misplaced....

where did i put my happiness???

I've been standing here at this box wondering how one could put you in it

how one could bargain love for less just to see me spend it on worthless illusions

so, after being here for so long, i've reached a sound conclusion:

what i found was a lost cause.
-Shandra e.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Okay, so this is 2009, and I know, as women, we've come a long way from the submerged 1950's chick drowning in a sea of filthy laundry "too dirty to air", And we've Emerged from the bondage of social stigmas telling us we aren't allowed to make the 1st move, BUT GOODNESS....can't we still expect a man to Know How to pursue us?! and can't we sit back and let him do the chasing without any desire to make it easy...if that's what we choose??

Obviously NOT!

Is it just me or have men lost their "tactics" and skill when it comes to approaching a woman?! I recently read Steve Harvey's Book :ACT LIKE A LADY, BUT THINK LIKE A MAN and he said when a man approaches you, he's always plotting and scheming; he always has a plan and somewhere in that plan...HE HOPES TO SLEEP WITH YOU! (my mother would love this as her speech since my diaper days have been "they only want One thing"! lmbo) While i don't think Steve Harvey meant to say That's all men want, He still put it plain & simple...Men want it and basically they're estimating how long they'll wait and how hard they'll work to get it...from the moment they take interest.

My thing is: Ok, I get this...I even accept are visuals...& truth be told, we all want it eventually. (That's not to say it's our sole intent!) BUT WHY IS IT that these days, a man's way of letting you know he's interested is "HOW YOU DOIN".....HOW BOUT YOU DON'T! like seriously, every guy, whether he's 23, 27, 30, 38, or 15 ( i look young x-/) comes up with the same lame idea to say How You Doin'....AND NOTHING MORE!! AND then they sit there in your face, staring...HARD...obnoxiously looking over the outfit (Steve talks about this as well) and vaguely paying attention to your response for the actual question....As if they're simply waiting for you to take it from there!!??? As if They did the hard part by coming over to approach you, now you have to show some kind of obvious delight before they'll go out on a limb to say another word??! lmbo....UHHH HOW BOUT YOU DON'T ( i will look at you totally unimpressed...with nothing more to say, but "good" i keep it pushing!) ugh....

SO, There's this guy....he's 15yrs older than me...a colleague...SWAGG for days (can't believe i noticed, but YES)....nice car, great educational background (HBC is a plus), dresses nice, even walks like he'll run the show...if you let him. BUT for some odd reason, he can't get past saying "HOW YOU DOIN' MS. EDWARDS" with those googly eyes and parted lips...nearly 4/5 times a day!!!! Like what gives??! I swear...i'm out payin my car note...a guy's checking me out (early 20's) i catch his eyes "HOW YOU DOIN?"...I'm on a feild trip with my kids (from work), the bus driver, 21 (he decided to vent "aloud"...riiight), stares me down from the rear view mirror (like omg watch the road...HOW BOUT YOU DON'T KILL ME BEFORE you try to holla??!)...then when i'm exiting the bus...AT THE END OF THE FREAKIN TRIP...yep...smh..."HOW YOU DOIN??"'s like cummon what's up?! Is it just me....Or have women made it so easy for men to get what they want, alot of men lack luster when it comes to actually trying?! Instead they admire you like crazy...just to ask "HOW YOU DOIN" and see how YOU take it from there?! smh....i don't have the patience or time & i'm liable to say how YOU Wendy Williams taught me right! ;) lmbo....i'm done with it
hmmm...And then there's that other book "He's Just Not that Into You"??!! lmbo....but as for the "colleague"...i've heard through the grapevine (& he's diggin' me)...SO i don't I being stubborn??? maybeee....but i just can't make it easy; i feel he's too old for this...and i'm too....well...too.....I SWEAR...I am still part-feminist x=p
*And not all of 'em come at me with "HYD" but still...too many do! It's like the ones who say more are with that "can i be your friend" movement; they missed the catch phrase guys! lol..
...and then i wonder if my response seems so lack-luster itself...they conclude i'm not interested??'s possible?!
& perhaps someone, somewhere is responding to my HOW BOUT YOU DON'T with an OH, DON'T. EVEN!


I'm told this song is played in Victoria's Secret ALL THE TIME (my sis works there) & I'm convinced it's Really good! The artist is lead singer of the group "LITTLE DRAGON" reminiscent of Early Erykah Badu! I Love it and the video may confuse some, but I sense a very Political undertone going on here that I ADORE! LISTEN, WATCH, ENJOY :)

After the rain we forget
We make sure we gain then we leave it
‘Cause we're a nation of forgetters
Oh after the rain we pretend
It’s easier to begin without looking back

SHE'S BOMB....look up more of her stuff! (She's very conceptual!) Try "Constant Surprises" & "No Love" Especially!! (reminds me of tweet & a little of Lauryn Hill too) ...i give 'em both a nod ;)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TOBY (Spider Man) McGUIRE Shows Out:BROTHERS review

**Not to mention Jake Gyllenhall was looking his best in this flick!! He's on the list! lol

I just got home from one of the greatest movies of the year!!!! However, it was TOO REAL.TOO SOON! I don't know that i could watch it again for a long time, but it was REALLY GOOD!! This movie highlights the reality of the war, life after, and life to be cherished before. Still, i walked out of the theatre with every emotion hanging over my shoulder =(

I feel heavy.

....It's not "just a movie".

and i don't know that i could "suggest it to a friend".

IF TOBY McGuire DOESN'T GET AN OSCAR AND EVERY AWARD POSSIBLE for this role....the world's gone mad! I wanted to give him a standing ovation; he tapped into a place & stayed there until we literally realized how REAL those emotions are for so many people...

**4 starz and a fist full of tears!!

"What Sheridan's newest film Brothers attempts to share with its audience is the psychological pain of a soldier thrust back into home life and toll it takes on the family.Brothers tells the story of Sam (Tobey Maguire), a Captain for the Marines who goes on a tour in Afghanistan and is captured by Al-Qaeda along with a fellow soldier and is tortured and hounded for intelligence. Presumed dead, his wife Grace (Natalie Portman) is mourning his loss while trying to raise his two daughters. His brother Tommy (Jake Gyllenhaal) has just been released from jail and trying to adjust to life outside prison and facing constant ridicule from his alcoholic father (Sam Shepard). When Sam is pronounced dead, Tommy's paternal instinct kicks in and plays the family role in helping Grace take care of the girls. As months pass, Grace and Tommy's once rocky relationship goes a different route. But all changes when Sam is rescued and brought back home".

Monday, December 7, 2009

ECLIPSE...the Saga continues!! :)

*fanmade poster

I can remember being sooo anxious for NEW MOON to premier and Now that i've seen it...I can't Wait for the next installment!!! ECLIPSE, the third Twilight movie is set to hit theatres Wednesday, June 30, 2010 =D's funny because I have yet to read any of the books, still I find myself engulfed like everybody else???

I found this sneak peak for the Plot (more like the inner flap to the ECLIPSE novel)!

"As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger," the plotline explains of the film based on Stephenie Meyer's "Eclipse" novel. "In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob -- knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life or death."
Okay So I just, decided (impulsively) to read the books!! Why??? I've always been a distant fan of Shakespeare & NEW MOON was so reminiscent of Shakespeare's work to me!! I have a feeling i'll fall in love with the fluidity of the language.
...either that, or i'll vomit from all the sapp ;)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

When The Silence speaks so Loud

and i don't know why i can't love you, but i can't

those times of looking up into your eyes, dashing to your side

wrapping myself around your legs....
they're over

holding your hands in mines

resting my heart in yours, laying my head on your shoulder

I'm Older

and it's a past time i can't even remember

it's a lost time and i choose not to find it

nor will i ever long to rewind it

i've decided the love's not lost it's just hiding

and all we can do is be silent...