Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Before Adam, After Eve (pt.1)

After separating the water's deep from the shallow ends of the earth...

and after flinging the stars into a space once occupied by "Nothing",

God showed out and created YOU!

He coiled your hair and straightened your back, exalting you over every other creature.

He curved your lips and raised your cheeks, modeling you after His very own features.

Because before there were doctors, lawyers, architects, and were just a man.
And as high as you would stand, still something brought you low...

something you missed, before you ever had a chance to know you were in need.

Unlike the others, you were the only one without your own breed to keep you company...

And so it goes, the story told reveals the worth of a woman's golden heart.

...God rocked you to sleep, and it took something Deep to end you where we would start.....

"it's not good for men to be alone".

So God stretched out His hand and gave WOMAN her throne!

See we were created because you were no good on your own?!

And we would fill a void in the place where loneliness had grown...

completing you and mending you without ever picking a needle to your un-sewn ..pieces.

And for this very reason, God would always be the one you were truly


Shandra e.

(to be continued)